ADTransform gives you everything that you need to build a sophisticated ETVL process.

  • Multi-stage Workflow
  • Many input and output types including CSV, Excel, text, HTML(output) and XML(output).
  • Many standard transformations including:
    • Date reformatting
    • Adding columns
    • Setting defaults
    • Merging tables
    • Changing the case of text fields
    • Table lookups
    • Concatenating Columns
  • Many standard validations including:
    • Field length
    • Comparing dates, text amd numbers
    • Table Lookups
    • Checking for unique values
  • Manifulating local files and files on remote servers
  • Easy to understand Audit Log and Error Reports
  • Ability to e-mail reports and data files
  • Ability to create reports and graphs easily
  • Ability to create static web pages and interactive data visualization web pages easily

In addition, there is a simple to use API so that you can add your own extensions to ADTransform. These can be dynamically configured into the workflow without affecting the standard ADTRansform executable files.

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