Prerequisites and installation

ADTransform runs on both Windows and Linux operating systems.

ADTransform requires at least version 8 of the Java run-time to be installed. This can be downloaded from the ORACLE Java download page. If you want to write custom extensions, you will need the JAVA Software Development Kit.

ADTransform is available as a installer that runs on Windows and Linux. After accepting the user license, you can specify where you want it installed which is normally c:\Program Files\ADTRansform for Windows.
This installs the core software as well as the demo templates and an empty template that contains the project folder structure but no data files.
The ADTRansform User Manual contains the latest installation instructions.

If you have an custom application from Artifact Software, it will be delivered as a separate installer. This is installed in the same directory as the core ADTRansform. It will add the custom application as an additional template.

Once you have the software and templates installed, you can initate a project by running the projectInstaller script that is in the directory where you installed the software. This will ask you to select a template from the list of available templates and to specify where you want you project installed. When you select “OK”, it will copy the template files into the folder that you specified and create a “Startup” script that will execute your project.

To execute a workflow, you will copy your data in the “inputdata” sub-folder with the correct filenames specified in your configuration files and make any changes to the configuration files in “config”.

Once you are ready, you can run the startup script (“startup.bat” for Windows, “” for Linux).
This will process your workflow and write the ouput data in “ouputdata”, the reports in “outputreports” and the logs in “logs”.