ADTransform for PBX Reporting

Call Reporting

Telephone systems usually generate detailed call records for each call made or received. This information can be used in a number of different analysis reports.

For example, it can be used for chargeback or cost allocation at different organizational levels or capacity planning or usage monitoring. This often requires that the raw call data be enhanced with information from the phone directory, from a CRM system, from telecom provider logs, etc. The consolidated data may require additional transformations and validations before being sorted and reported in different ways in order to produce meaningful operational or managerial reports.

An ADTransform workflow can be constructed using various plug-ins to accomplish the required tasks.

For example, an organization with 3 divisional PBX system, might want to enhance the raw call data with the names of the people and departments making or receiving the calls, match up CRM customer and prospect information based on the external telephone numbers and use the supplier file to match supplier information with external numbers.

The organization might also want to identify the telecom provider for each of the external lines or trunks used.

These enhanced call details could then be reported for each division and a consoliated report by telecom supplier could also be created.

ADTransform for PBX Call Detail Analysis ADTransform for PBX Call Detail Analysis

Configuration Reporting

ADTransform can also be used to output reports documenting the PBX configuration files. For example, the file containing the map of people to extensions that sets up the individual configurations could be read in. This data could be transformed if required, sorted and output as configuration documentation reports or as a neatly formated telephone directory report in PDF format. ADTransform could upload it to a corporate portal to provide an updated directory each day.ADTransform for PBX Configuration Reports